Olivia’s Story

Olivia's Story: The Conspiracy of Heroes Behind Shelley v. Kraemer by Jeffrey CopelandOlivia’s Story: The Conspiracy of Heroes Behind Shelley v. Kraemer
Paragon House, February 2010
ISBN: 978-1-55778-884-9
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Many battles have been fought through the years to gain dignity, justice, and equality. Few of those have had the lasting significance and impact of the one described in the telling of Olivia’s Story. The story shows the power of dreams and how these dreams can come true when people are willing to fight for them.

“Jeffrey Copeland has once again given us a story or ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary deeds with courage. Olivia’s Story shows what can be achieved by quiet heroes willing to risk emotional and financial losses as well as danger to their physical well-being. Olivia is an inspiration!”—Jan Dundon, Anderson’s bookshops

Olivia’s Story is just that: a very personal narrative for which only the most gifted writer could find words. Mrs. Olivia Perkins was a quiet woman at the center of a history-making event. Great leaders have had their dreams, and brave figures have fought the good fight for civil rights and liberties. But it is the story of an individual like Olivia Perkins that tells the truth by putting the love and the sorrow, the suffering and the joy into ‘true’ but otherwise distant events.”—Jerome Klinkowitz, author of Kurt Vonnegut’s America

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