I’m Published! Now What?

I'm Published, Now What?I’m Published! Now What?
Paragon House, March 2016
ISBN: 978-1-55778-919-8

This practical guide to conducting successful book readings, events, and promotions will help you understand and navigate the shifting sands of the publishing world. This guide will help demystify book marketing and prepare authors to work effectively with bookstore event coordinators, the best friends authors can have inside the stores. Copeland also shares what to do after events to maximize and build upon success.

“If an author and/or their publisher has time for only one ‘how to’ book on developing effective marketing strategies and plans, they would be well advised to make it I’m Published! Now What?“–James Cox, Library Bookwatch

“I wish I had this terrific book when I got my first novel published…Jeffrey Copeland delivers a fun, smart invaluable writers’ guide.”–Kevin O’Brien, New York Times Bestselling Author of No One Needs to Know

“A quick read would have saved me countless hours of hand-wringing and uncertainty over the questions of self-promotion…Jeffrey Copeland provides a complete roadmap for first-time authors, offering a healthy dose of humor along the way.”–Delia Ray Howard, Award-winning author of Ghost Girl, Singing Hands, and Here Lies Linc

“Copeland gives new authors seasoned, trustworthy advice and solid information from established authors and veteran booksellers.”–Kris Kleindienst, Left Bank Books