Inman’s War Movie

Inman’s War – The Movie

Jeffrey with Vaughn Halyard, Executive Produce of <em>Inman’s War: the Movie</em>

Jeffrey with Vaughn Halyard, Executive Producer of Inman’s War: the Movie

I was so happy and so surprised when I found out Hollywood was interested in making a movie of Inman’s War. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this would happen. I’ll list the “official release” below to provide some of the details. Also, please check my blog for future updates related to the progress of the movie.

Official Release:
StoryLounge Productions is pleased to announce that it has optioned the feature film rights to the critically acclaimed book, Inman’s War, by Jeffrey Copeland.

Sally Walker, noted nonfiction writer and author of Secrets of a Civil War Submarine, states:
“Jeffrey Copeland discovered hidden treasure when he found a suitcase full of letters written during WWII. Inman’s War, which is based on those letters, is a wonderful read, filled with laughter, tears, anger, love, and friendship. I am glad Copeland introduced me to Inman Perkins, a truly memorable man who, best of all, was real. Of the hundreds of books I’ve read this year, Inman’s War places securely in my top 10.”

Kevin Arkadie, screenwriter and director

Kevin Arkadie, screenwriter and director

Vaughn Halyard, StoryLounge CEO and the film’s Executive Producer, recounts:
“Film development and production are underway and the talented and award-winning Kevin Arkadie has signed onto the project to write and direct. Kevin’s multi-genre and multi-platform portfolio includes episodes of Law and Order and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman to features like The Buffalo Soldiers and The Temptations. We knew Kevin would be a perfect fit for this project.”

Even the author has gotten involved; Jeffrey wrote the narrative frames which will surround many of the historical scenes in the movie.