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Coming in 2018:

Plague in Paradise

Plague in Paradise

A fast moving, edge-of-your-seat account of the last major outbreak of the plague (the Black Death) in the United States, which happened in Los Angeles, California, in 1924. What doctors first believed to be another outbreak of the same Spanish Flu that killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in 1918 turned out to be the pneumonic plague. “Pneumonic” plague is the only one of the three major types of plague that can be passed from “human to human,” and in this instance, it spread quite rapidly through the Mexican-American community in the Macy Street Area of the city. The medical community was ill prepared to handle such an outbreak, and they were also quite divided on the best way to treat the victims and control the spread of the plague. The story is both gut wrenching, because of the horrors brought on by plague, and uplifting, as a result of the efforts of many who worked tirelessly to help those afflicted. Racism, nationalism, and greed all reared an ugly head before all was over, leaving the civic and medical leaders of Los Angeles to come to grips with all three as they helped the city move forward and become the “Paradise of the West.”